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What is a tune up?

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What is a tune up?

The term "tune up" is used in bike shops everywhere and because there is no standardized work done during a tune up, prices can be all over the place - $25 at one shop and $200 at another.  So what exactly is a tune up and why are these prices so different when you call around to different shops??

At Edgebrook Cycle we think of a tune up as an all encompassing servicing of your bike - lots of individual adjustments bundled into a package.  A tune up at Edgebrook Cycle takes anywhere from a few hours to a full day of work depending on the nature of what is being done.  When we say tune up, we don't just mean putting air in the tires and lube on the chain!  Your bike will be as close to new as possible when you get it back.

When you bring in your bike and tell us you would like a tune up, a few things will happen.  A technician will start by asking what kind of problems you are having with the bike.  We will put the bike in one of our repair stands and do some preliminary evaluations, like checking for chain wear, tooth wear on the gears, rust on the shift and brake cables, tread life and condition of the tires, wheel spoke tension, and some other basic safety considerations.

Based on what kind of work your bike needs, your budget, and your time frame, we will make some recommendations for work to be done on your bike.  If the bike is in good shape and just needs some air in the tires, guess what?  We will pump up your tires and send you on your way!  Everything looks good but you need to have your front brake and rear shifting adjusted?  We will take care of it while you wait for a la carte pricing, no tune up needed.

But as the need for parts and repairs start to add up, we will suggest a tune up that will be the best value for you while accomplishing all necessary adjustments.  If the cost of doing the repairs individually exceeds the price of a tune up, we suggest a tune up!  Its all about getting your bike safely working as soon and as inexpensively as possible.

Take a look below for descriptions, prices, and wait times for most common repairs and tune ups.

Repairs Done While You Wait


Prices are for labor only - parts additional

Air Up Tires - No Charge

Install New Tube and/or Tire - 

Clean and Lube Chain - $

Install New Wheel - $

Wheel True - Minor - $  Major - $

Install Chain - $

Install Cassette - $

Install New Brake Pads - $

Derailleur Hanger Straightening - $

Derailleur Hanger Replacement - $

Shifting adjustment, front or rear derailleur - $

Brake Adjustment, front or rear - $

Basic Cable Installation, Shift or Brake - $

Install Grips/Bar Tape - $

Install Stem - $

Minor Repairs
Usually ready for pick up later that day:


Prices are for labor only - parts additional

Internally Routed Cable Installation, Brake or Shift - $

Install Tubeless Tires - $, including sealant

Replace Broken Spoke - $

Install New Internally Geared Wheel - $

Install Derailleur - 

Install Brake Caliper (unless road and/or internally routed hydraulic disc) - 

Hub Bearing Overhaul - $ per wheel

Wheel Re-tensioning, Dishing, and Truing - $

 Install Chainrings - 

Install Shifters - 

Overhaul Headset - 

Remove Gyro from Headset - 

Install Handlebar - 

Major Repairs
1-3 Days, depending on schedule

Prices are for labor only - parts additional

Install Tubular Tire - $

Bleed/Install Internally Routed Hydraulic Brake - $

Wheel Build - $

Pro Build - $

Convert to Fixie - $

Full Tune Up 

Quick Tune -  $

Basic Tune - $

Deluxe Tune - $

Pro Tune - $

Overhaul - $