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Feature Items

  • Pure Fix Kilo - 2014

    Get ready to take your night riding to a whole new level. After months of experimentation, we've perfected the GLOW, our newest line. The name says it all, it actually… [more]

  • Jamis Citizen 2 - 2014

    Jamis' Citizen 2 is a fun, comfy ride capable of cruising the city streets as well as the country hills. Its aluminum frame combines with the adjustable-angle stem,… [more]

  • Jamis Trail X - 2015

    Jamis' Trail X loves the dirt. Its light aluminum frame distributes weight perfectly for effortless handling and efficient pedaling, which makes riding a joy. For the… [more]

  • Pure Fix Charlie - 2015
    $329.99 - $369.99

    Gloss Neon Red frame with white deep dish wheels. Is there anything more timeless than a little red bicycle? With its deep dish white wheels, the Charlie is a… [more]

  • Jamis Nemesis 650 Sport - 2014
    Product Rating
    5.0 stars
     (2 Reviews)

    Jamis’ Nemesis 650 Sport is a fun ride whether you’re on singletrack or cruising your favorite bike path. Its triple-butted 6061 aluminum frame gives you a crisp ride,… [more]

  • Jamis Commuter 1 - 2014
    Product Rating
    5.0 stars
     (1 Review)

    Whether you're cruising around town, enjoying the countryside or spinning to work in a healthy, affordable way, Jamis' Commuter 1 is the bike that can do it all. The… [more]

  • Hollywood Gordo

    Now you can take your cruiser or chopper on adventures with Hollywood's Gordo trunk rack. Its arms are spaced an extra-wide 22 inches apart to accommodate long… [more]

  • Pure Fix Papa - 2015
    $329.00 - $329.99

    Matte Grey frame with Double-Orange deep dish wheels. This ain't your daddy's bicycle. Matte-grey with orange wheels, people will call you Big Papa on this swanky set of… [more]

  • Pure Fix Victor - 2015
    $329.00 - $329.99

    Retro style meets modern performance. The Victor looks as good as a fresh pressed dress shirt and rides like a dream. [more]

  • Pure Fix Juliet - 2015
    $329.00 - $329.99

    Don't let her dainty name deceive you, the Juliet's a lady of the night. Black-on-black with deep dish wheels designed to break hearts (not just Romeo's). *43cm will… [more]

  • Jamis Coda Comp - 2014

    Relax, the smooth ride and upright comfort of Jamis' Coda Comp is yours to enjoy. Boasting a light, lively double-butted Reynolds 520 chromoly frame, carbon fork, and… [more]

  • Pure Fix Romeo - 2015

    Pure Fix Romeo White frame and fork with Herculean-White wheels. White-on-white, The Romeo is the perfect fit for a super clean romantic like yourself. - Flip-flop hub… [more]

  • Jamis Satellite Sport - 2013

    The fast, smooth ride of Jamis's Satellite Sport is just the inspiration needed to ride more, get in shape and ditch the gas-guzzler. Its double-butted chromoly frame… [more]

  • Sunlite Hard Shell Deluxe Trailer Tot

    Enjoy quality time with your little ones or haul around groceries with Sunlite's Hard Shell Deluxe Trailer Tot. Its protective steel frame is covered with 600D polyester… [more]

  • Topeak BabySeat II (w/Rack)

    Both kids and parents will love Topeak's BabySeat II. It's suspended to provide little ones with an extra-plush ride and it boasts important safety features, such as… [more]

  • Jamis Coda Elite - 2014

    Jamis' Coda Elite is a fantastic street bike built for commuting, fitness and adventure. Its Reynolds 520 double-butted chromoly frame and carbon fork provide a lively,… [more]

  • KHS Flite 150 - 2012

    KHS' value-packed Flite 150 is great for riders looking to get in on the fun of road cycling. It's equipped with a nimble aluminum frame and wheels that give you the… [more]

  • Burley D'Lite
    Product Rating
    5.0 stars
     (3 Reviews)

    The D'Lite is Burley's flagship trailer and it's loaded with great features you'll love. It carries up to two kids and boasts a light and tough aluminum frame, a rugged… [more]

  • Sun Bicycles Biscayne Tandem 7 - 2015

    With Sun's Biscayne tandem, you and a partner can cruise the town effortlessly in style. Thanks to super-soft cruiser saddles, heaps of room for both riders in a… [more]

  • KHS Flite 150L - Women's - 2012

    KHS' value-packed Flite 150L is great for ladies looking to get in on the fun of road cycling. It's equipped with a nimble aluminum frame and wheels that give you the… [more]



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Today's Tip from Edgebrook Cycle

Crashes Happen, But Be Prepared Not Scared - Women getting into cycling often ask us about crashing, what the chances are and what to expect. We wish we could say that it's a non-issue, but most riders, whether they ride the road or trails, or both, eventually crash. It's just the nature of two-wheeled vehicles that must be balanced to remain upright. Fortunately, these crashes are usually minor, and as long as you're wearing your helmet and gloves, and riding within your abilities, you should only suffer a few scrapes that'll heal quickly.

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